★ Beautiful home

My beautiful home - building. Living. Astonishment

A crazy luxury tree house, a spectacular, egg-shaped garden pavilion and a 200-year-old, newly designed barn: that's "My beautiful home - building. Living. Astonishment". In the fourth episode, architect Martin Schroth, professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier, is again touring the most unusual building and residential projects in the southwest. For very special ideas and living pioneers it sometimes goes beyond national borders. Today all the way to Switzerland. Because here Nina Egli and her friend Helgard Worral are building a tree house in a class of its own. Their dream project costs a whopping 100,000 euros. While in Joachim Goedecke's 200-year-old and newly designed barn the woodworm is making trouble, the Djuren family is building a garden pavilion without corners. They planned and drew everything themselves. Will it work?

Broadcasting on 30th of April 2020 at 9.00am on SR/ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library