★ Crazy about the Sea

Crazy about the Sea - In the catacombs of Odessa 

The documentary series is a kind of real version of ZDF's long-running "The Dream Ship" + accompanies the "White Lady" cruise ship "MS Albatros" on its journeys to the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. At the same time the spectators get numerous impressions of the daily work routines of the 350-strong crew around the Norwegian captain Morten Hansen who with his charming manner always spreads a good mood. The camera provides insights into the organizational routines of Cruise Director Thomas Gleiß + Chef Dino who take care of the physical well-being of passengers as well as the engine room + the technical procedures on board the ship. On the other hand stories are also told about the passengers + their experiences on the ship captured in sound + vision. The whole thing is garnished with impressive pictures of paradise holiday destinations - be it the fjords of Norway, African coasts, exotic animals on the Amazon or the island beauties of the Caribbean. 

The series today: Crazy about the Sea - In the catacombs of Odessa. On 3rd of June at 1.10-2pm on rbb/ ARD.

Music: POPVIRUS Library