★ Day X - My life after robbery and love

Day X - My life after robbery and love-scamming

More + more robberies happen in broad daylight. "Day X - My Life After" gives prevention tips on how to become safer in your own four walls. Another topic is internet dating. This form of contact is becoming increasingly popular. And it also brings fraudsters onto the scene. Robbery Family man Christian F. (50) from Berlin opens his terrace door unsuspectingly + is brutally robbed. The family is in danger of breaking up as a result of the crime. The honorary commissioner Dirk Heinrichs mediates within the family. Love-scamming Ricarda (47) meets the handsome Captain Brad on the Internet. The bakery saleswoman falls in love with him + falls into his trap: he only wants her money. Prevention expert Dirk Heinrichs shows how the love scammer scam works.

Broadcasting on 18th of June 2020 at 5.30am on ZDF neo

Music: POPVIRUS Library