★ Dogland Germany

Dogland Germany -  the boom for pets

"Puppies are sold out", dog breeders report this summer from Flensburg to Traunstein. Since the lockdown, many Germans are longing for nothing more than an animal companion with whom they can cuddle at home during the contactless time.

Up to 100 pre-orders with individual suppliers are not uncommon. But especially where a pet has to move in particularly quickly, problems with the new family member often arise very quickly. FOCUS TV has accompanied several dog lovers in their search for a friend on four paws: The Scholz family from Lippstadt, for example, who are getting an eight-week-old cocker spaniel crossbreed. How will the puppy first meet cat Findus, who has been living in the house for years? Or family Riedl, who wants to nurse a street dog from Romania. If the owner and mistress are overtaxed with the education, dog trainer Holger Schüler is used to teach the pets manners. Will he also succeed in this in the case of the 19-year-old Farahnos and her biting Doberman, who jumps at strangers at every opportunity? The FOCUS TV report about impetuous four-legged friends and their sometimes desperate owners in dog-mad Germany. 

Broadcasting on 08th of August 2020 at 10.00pm on Sat.1

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