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ZDF.reportage Germany cooks - Between Goulash Cannon and Star Stress

Star chef - that sounds like glamour and glamour. Whoever manages to "cook" a Michelin star has done it. But what sounds like a dream job is actually hard work. That's what the two starred chefs from Cologne, Sonja Baumann and Erik Scheffler, have just experienced first-hand. In their award-winning restaurant in the middle of downtown Cologne, the two friends do almost everything themselves. Sometimes even ironing their aprons is part of the job. Although the restaurant is their life's dream, Sonja and Erik are pretty much finished. More than four hours of sleep a night is usually not possible. And since they got their first star at the beginning of the year, the pressure has even increased. Because losing that star again is out of the question for them. Things are a bit different in the canteen of the Berlin public utility company. Those who work here have quite consciously said goodbye to the tough life in the restaurant business. "The working hours here can't be compensated with money", says chef Andreas Zawada. And this despite the fact that he and his colleagues have to prepare between 5,000 and 7,000 fresh meals every week for the men and women in Orange. The sergeants of the Bundeswehr cookery school, on the other hand, have to deal with completely different challenges. The mobile field kitchen is used to rehearse the mission in the crisis area - the supreme discipline of military catering. For the cooks, working for the Bundeswehr offers a job guarantee with good money and good working hours. The price for many here: A life away from the family. A "ZDF.reportage" about the special challenges of cooking.

Broadcasting on 30th of April 2020 at 12.35am on ZDF Info

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