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Topics: Det is looking for tuned sports car / Auction Berlin / Sports car vs. plane / Hamid is looking for super sports car / Report - Supercar Weekend

Everybody knows about car pooling, but now it's also going up in the air: Carpooling communities for people who don't feel like taking full motorways or crowded buses and trains. Users indicate where they want to fly to. A few minutes later, pilots who fly exactly this route and still have seats available will get in touch. GRIP checks how well this really works and whether you are not faster by car. The route: from Duisburg to Berlin. Matthias Malmedie bets on the Porsche GT2 RS, Miriam Höller chooses a ride via the Internet portal. Who is first in Berlin?

Used car professional Det Müller is supposed to find a cheap, sporty small car for spectator Stefan. The lower the better and of course with a good bang under the hood. But such racing boots are very popular and quite expensive. With little budget Det checks on the used car market a Mini Cooper S, a Peugeot 207 Turbo and an Alfa Romeo MiTo. Scrap or fast - car auctions are sometimes real adventures: At the Berlin-Lichtenberg district office, towed cars from all Berlin districts come under the hammer, which have not been picked up by their owners. The opportunity for everyone with a small purse to get a real bargain. The Supercar Owners Circle, SOC for short, is the world's most exclusive association of collectors of fine and exceptional cars. Each car of the club members costs at least one million Euros.

This year the club's main annual meeting is in Andermatt, Switzerland. There are no cameras, but GRIP is allowed to be present exclusively at the show and the race. Thomas wants a super sports car for a whopping 200,000 euros. The concert promoter, record shop owner and restaurateur wants maximum fun and performance for his money - and therefore asks noble car dealer Hamid Mossadegh for help. Porsche GT3 RS, Lamborghini Huracán or Ferrari 458 - which one is the right one for Thomas?

Broadcasting on 22th of March 2020 at 06.15pm on RTL2

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