★ mare TV - On the Pomeranian coast

On the Pomeranian coast - the Baltic Sea between Szczecin and Gdansk

Traditional seaside resorts, huge shifting sand dunes, forested cliffs: the Pomeranian Baltic coast is extremely diverse in terms of its landscape. The people in this part of Poland, between the Szczecin Lagoon and Gdansk Bay, are both tradition-conscious and innovative.

On the huge coastal lake of Leba people have been fishing for generations with an ingenious fish trap construction, the tracks of the historic bathing railway are maintained with a self-built diesel trolley, an old World War II bunker in the middle of the Baltic Sea is being converted into a holiday home. An over 50-year-old excavator transports the healing mud for the spa guests when it is not on strike. However, the young boss of peat mining prefers to ensure that the peat is hygienically safe by using the most modern laboratory technology. 

Broadcasting on 06th of August 2020 at 09.20pm on NDR/ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library