★ MDR docu Kirchendorf Walldorf

MDR docu Kichendorf Walldorf

For centuries it stands as a landmark high above the Werra: the fortified church in the southern Thuringian Walldorf. Like a fortress framed by five towers it is a place of magical attraction. But a few days before Easter 2012 the fortified church burned down to the ground. It had just been restored. Only the organ was missing. "How can God let that happen?" Many Walldorfers wondered. But pastor Heinrich von Berlepsch does not leave the courage. He sees in the devastating fire also a call for a new beginning - the resurrection.

Broadcasted on 6th of April 2019 at 9pm on MDR/ ARD. Another broadcasting on 6th of June 2019 at 1.30am.

Music: POPVIRUS Library