★ Metropolises from below

Metropolises from below: Cologne

In the cellars of the cities hide unexpected treasures. In this section: under the cobblestones of Cologne. Young archaeologists discover traces left by the Romans two thousand years ago. In the sewers you can see a magnificent chandelier room once inhabited by Wilhelm II.

The Rhine metropolis, which dates back to Roman antiquity, attracts tourists from all over the world, especially because of its majestic cathedral, which is visited by six million people every year. But far from the crowded places, another aspect of the city reveals itself. Young archaeologists are discovering traces left by the Romans two thousand years ago, the sewers reveal a magnificent hall where William II once lived, and the Earth Furniture Group is rehearsing in a mythical recording studio that has been producing pop pearls for almost twenty years. As the excavation technician of the Roman-Germanic Museum in the city sums up: "Only by going into the depths can we understand where our roots lie".

Broadcasting on 29th of April 2020 at 8.00am on Arte

Music: POPVIRUS Library