★ plan b

plan b - Beautiful work - ideas for satisfied employees

For many people, the mere barter of work for pay is no longer enough. Many also wish for happiness + well-being at work.

In addition to flexible working hours and work-life balance, expectations of the workplace are changing rapidly. More + more employers have to question their corporate culture + develop creative concepts for more employee satisfaction.

Departments with fixed hierarchies are on the retreat + are being replaced more and more by flat structures. This is also the case with the Berlin start-up "Einhorn" which has made a name for itself with fairly produced condoms. Not only the products are creative, but also the company management. There are no compulsory dates and the number of holidays is not limited by contract. Employees are completely free to decide how long and how often they go on holiday. They are also free to choose their place of work and work from wherever they want. This is how the company was able to retain its employee Cordelia Röders-Arnolds, because the Hamburg native was drawn back to her home country after a period in Berlin. Since then she has been working in the home office. "I'm incredibly happy and also grateful that I didn't have to choose between my job and my private life," says the employee, who appreciates much more than that at her workplace than the flexibility in choosing where to work.

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