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Animal mediation in Corona times: Visiting the largest animal shelter in Europe

The corona crisis is also a challenge for animal shelters. How do they deal with the current situation?

With around 1,300 animals, the Berlin animal shelter is the largest animal shelter in Europe. Here, not only dogs and cats, but also turtles, pigs, parrots and donkeys are waiting for a new home. Up to 1000 visitors normally come here every day to see the animals. But since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, a lot has changed.

The shelter has been closed for visitors since mid-March. Transfers of animals only take place outside and with sufficient safety distance. In order to be able to continue to hand over the animals, the staff have created wanted posters for the animals and published them on the shelter's website. Only after an appointment has been made by telephone may they be visited by the potential new owners.

Broadcasting on 27th of May 2020 at 10.15pm on RTL

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