★ Stop, police! - Double feature

Stop, police!  Use on the freeway

Veil investigators Cornelia Augenstein + Manuel Kießling from Piding in Bavaria discover a young man and a 13-year-old girl from Romania half-naked in a vehicle at a rest stop on the border to Austria. The fact that the young girl is supposed to be the husband's wife is not very credible given the contradictory statements of the two. Is it a case of sexual abuse?

Broadcasting on 23rd of August 2020 at 02.55pm on Sat.1

Music: POPVIRUS Library

Stop, police!  Rowdies behind the wheel

On the A650 in the direction of Ludwigshafen in Rhineland-Palatinate, video controllers Miriam R. and Dominik G. notice a driver who clearly exceeds the speed limit. When the officers check the 18-year-old, highway patrolman Miriam R. has another suspicion: the result of a drug test is supposed to clarify the open question.

Broadcasting on 23rd of August 2020 at 03.25pm on Sat.1

Music: POPVIRUS Library