★ Wild heathland

Wild heathland - life in Rostock's jungle

The Rostocker Heide is the largest closed forest area on the German Baltic Sea coast. It has been in municipal ownership since 1252 and covers a good 6000 hectares. The head of the forestry office, Jörg Harmuth, has set himself the task of preserving it in its natural diversity: from natural beaches to virgin forest zones. And he loves his job. At the same time, the film team goes stalking with hobby photographer Erika Schulz. She loves the Hütelmoor in the Rostock Heath and has experienced every season here. She has already taken many impressive close-ups. The nature lover would love to get a kingfisher in front of her lens.

Broadcasting on 07th of April 2020 at 9.30am + 21th of April 2020 at 13.20pm on 3Sat

Music: POPVIRUS Library