★ ZDF WISO "School anxiety"

ZDF WISO: School anxiety - how parents can help children

Actually she should be fun for children and teenagers - but for some it is a horror: the school. School fear is a widespread phenomenon in Germany about every fifth child is at least partially affected - girls far more often than boys. Often the problem is displaced by families for fear of giving themselves + the child a nakedness. Or it is not recognized at all. Because school anxiety often expresses first by nonspecific symptoms such as headache or abdominal pain. Such school avoidance behavior with increased absenteeism can ultimately lead to a vicious circle. The return to the regulated school life is becoming increasingly difficult. The fear of the school is rising. The causes of school anxiety are manifold: pressure to perform, bullying, systemic problems. But there are also many solutions. The WISO tip shows the most common interference fields and explains which points of contact and preventive measures can help.

Broadcasted on 10th of August 2019 at 7.30pm on ZDF.

Music: POPVIRUS Library