★ Land and tasty

Land and tasty - Goat mom from Haltern am See

The tour continues into the Münsterland region to Haltern am See. In an idyllic farming community lies a goat farm with 200 animals, which belongs to the family of Angela Andres. Cheese making started as a hobby in 1990, today the mother of two likes to try out new things. In addition to goat cheese specialities, there are sausages and meat, because goat meat is now considered a delicacy. The goat mother will cook with farm products. There is goat's cream cheese in filo pastry, kid's leg with roasted pumpkin corners + for dessert Angela will spoil her guests with a goat's curd and mascarpone cream. In addition, she will serve homemade moaning cream and egg liqueur.

Broadcasting on 06th of July 2020 at 09.00pm on WDR/ARD

Music: POPVIRUS Library